OK, it’s not really quite that simple.  You have questions; I have some answers .. and, when without answers, probably have opinions based on 15 years in staffing!

We often hear from jobseekers who voice their wish to talk with a local recruiter about their job search questions and concerns.  Many of those issues are too complex to succinctly summarize in a quick email, either as a question or as an answer in response.

Screenshot from the landing page on TimeTrade

Screenshot from the landing page on TimeTrade

I’m using a technology tool to give local people access to a portion of my work schedule.  You may click on the link to see my available times for a 15-minute phone chat. Select a time, provide confidential basic information (first name, last name, email address for a confirmation, and phone number for me to call), and book it!

Oops, almost forgot …. Click here to schedule your 15 minutes at a time that works for you.

Sometimes the cosmos serendipitously gives me exactly what I need.

I was driving south on Highway 25 this morning, on time for work but fretting a little about how to organize my workload today.  Just south of the Red Gate Bridge, I noticed that the south-bound traffic ahead was stopped.  Refocusing my attention on the road farther ahead, I could see that a school bus had stopped in the south-bound lane, waiting for children to board.  So, of course, I stopped the car.

Took a deep breath.  Re-centered a bit.

Glanced again at the traffic ahead in my lane.  I could see that the school bus had turned off its warning lights and started to continue south on the road.  But the traffic wasn’t moving?

Perfect timing.  A second school bus, this one in the north-bound lane, had arrived exactly as the south-bound school bus departed.  Turned on its “stop” lights and extended the barrier to allow other children to board.  So traffic was still stopped in both directions!  Haha, those two school bus drivers couldn’t have planned it more precisely!

Took a deep breath again.  Re-centered a little bit more.  And, as I chuckled with my own impatience, thanked the cosmos for inadvertently giving me exactly what I needed at 7:55 a.m.!

Convince me!

Problem:  Double the usual number of active searches for our clients + double the usual number of active applicants seeking work.  How can we make the hiring process more engaging and user-friendly for our candidates, given these increased demands?

Solution:  For select openings, we’re using a new tool Continue Reading »

Our Frank’s Employment staff has been planning and collaborating for new tools and new uses of technology in 2014!At your fingertips

We have plenty of demands to balance.  Our number of active searches is nearly double what it was in 2013 at this time.  Our pool of active candidates is also substantially larger than it was last year.  So demands on our time, energy, and focus are stretched.  Even so, we hope that these new tools will actually improve your experience as a Frank’s candidate, helping you to feel more engaged in the process and better equipped with information.

One new tool that I’m trying is Continue Reading »

EUC benefits program expiring

We had 3 different calls in a 30-minute period yesterday from individuals regarding their unemployment benefits through the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program.  When I glanced at my blog analytics this morning, I noticed that the EUC benefit is the top-trending search item that is bringing people to the blog this week.  So, perhaps it is time to update where we are on available unemployment benefits.

The question of whether you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits for any particular two-week period actually depends upon a sequence of questions.

  1. Are you approved for unemployment benefits?
  2. If yes to #1, are you still within an active benefit year?
  3. If yes to #2, is there a benefit plan actively available for which you qualify?
  4. If yes to #3, do you still have a balance available out of the maximum benefit amount for that plan?
  5. If yes to #4, were you available to work (and actively looking for work) during the two-week period for which you are reporting?
  6. If yes to #5, did you successfully certify your availability to work?

The questions that qualify you for benefits week to week really are asked in that order.  Many people have been advised that they would qualify for a federal EUC tier continuing well into 2014.  And many of those unemployed people have assumed that they would receive federal EUC benefits well into 2014, as long as they continue to be available for work and to certify availability.

However, the Congressional authorization for the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation program expires as of December 28th, 2013.  So, even though an unemployed worker may have been approved for a tier of EUC benefits continuing into mid-2014, that approval is contingent upon the EUC benefit plan still being funded (question #3 above).  As it stands at this point, the EUC program will end in late December.  Depending upon the timing of an individual’s two-week certification, some people may still receive EUC monies for a week or two after that (benefits for calendar weeks prior to December 29th).  But then it ends.

A recent commentary in the Washington Post confirms that it seems unlikely that Congress will approve an extension of the EUC program into 2014.  I concur.  It’s possible that Congress will grant a last-minute extension into 2014.  However, especially given the mood of this legislature at this time, I think it’s unlikely.  So best to assume at this point that EUC benefits will not be available in 2014 and plan accordingly.

Dominoes or Scrabble?

Scrabble ~ a metaphor for recruiting

Scrabble ~ a metaphor for recruiting

I used to think that the recruiting and placement process is like a game of dominoes.  So many one-to-one matches in a multi-step process.  Having a client with reasonable expectations for skill set and experience to match their staffing need.  Placing advertising at a time and via a venue that attracts qualified people.  Organizing interviews that elicit exchange of core information for the prospective employee and employer.  Receiving timely and helpful reference feedback.  And orchestrating successful negotiation of an offer that is affordable for the client and affirming for the candidate.

This week, I realized that I was wrong. Continue Reading »

Back to School rituals

Growing up in a family of public school teachers and life-long learners, the last days of August were my favorite time of year.  So many back-to-school rituals.

Back to schoolBuying the new school supplies needed for the next grade level.  Finding new clothes and new shoes, having outgrown the ones that fit just a year ago.  Anticipating reunions with friends and classmates whom I hadn’t seen in 3 months.

Even now, years after those back to school rituals ended for me, there’s a wistful feeling that creeps up on me in the days of late-August weather, with children in my neighborhood once again standing at the corner waiting on the school bus and moms posting adorable “first day” photos on facebook.

Over the weekend, a five-year-old child in my extended family called to tell us about the first week of full-day kindergarten.  “We get to have THREE meals,” she said excitedly!  Well, a snack for morning recess, a meal for lunch, and a snack for afternoon recess.  I guess that’s three meals when you’re five!  She was so excited by her first week of school that she got up early on Saturday and dressed in school clothes, convinced that this activity on Saturday would help Monday come that much sooner!

Contemplating this morning, I realized why I still enjoy that wistful feeling in late August.  Those back-to-school rituals signal a fresh start on a new academic year.  While we might have been in classes with some of the same students and even some of the same teachers, it truly is a new year.  A genuinely fresh start: forward-looking for new content to learn, new skills to develop, and new adventures to experience.  That’s what I always loved about the new school year.  I guess I still do!

Maybe there’s a way for us as employees and even as job seekers to reclaim that back-to-school fresh start for ourselves in these weeks, too.  Letting go of “last year” and grabbing hold of a forward-looking energy for new content to learn, new skills to develop, and new adventures to share.


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